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Phoenix Academy is committed to preparing students for success in higher education and their chosen career.

Each new full-time Phoenix student takes part in a career assessment at the time of registration. The assessment determines interests, skills and goals. It consists of two modules:


  • The Personal Interests Inventory - This part helps the student identify their current interests and predicts how those interests may change in the future. It explains the relationship between personal interests and career decisions. Based on the student's responses to 128 questions, the program suggests three career fields that are best connected to the student's interests.
  • The Skills Inventory - This module asks 48 questions that help the student identify skills they already have and determine skills that they will have to acquire before entering the workforce. It provides the student with a basis for informed discussion with their teachers, counselors and parents.

Optional Courses

Phoenix students have the opportunity to take three courses offered in conjunction with Owens Community College. These courses can be completed in our study labs or at home on the student's personal computer.

Each course earns ½ credit at Phoenix Academy and 2 college credits at Owens Community College.

SSC110: Career and Life Decisions
This course is intended to aid students who are making career decisions. Students evaluate and appraise their own values, needs, skills and interests.

SSC101: Preparing to Apply for College
Provides high school juniors and seniors with an introduction to:

  • Standardized college entrance exams
  • Colleges and programs of study
  • College application
  • College essay

SSC115: College Study Skills
This course helps students prepare for college by strengthening study skills and teaching strategies that improve performance. Students evalute their individual learning styles in order to optimize their personal approach to:

  • Learning
  • Processing information more efficiently
  • Managing time more effectively
  • Goal setting
  • Increasing concentration
  • Reducing stress and procrastination
  • Improving comprehension of college textbooks
  • Taking notes from textbooks and lectures
  • Improving listening skills
  • Preparing for and performing well on tests with a variety of questions formats


  Phoenix Academy is partnering with Owens Community College for the Ohio College Credit Plus program. Please contact your counselor for additional information.

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