Phoenix Academy offers an alternative path to high school graduation through NovaNET, a personal learning program that offers flexible scheduling, independent study and a unique curriculum.
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About Credit Recovery

Who We Are
The Phoenix Academy Credit Recovery Program is a tuition based program open to any student in Northwest Ohio.  The Credit Recovery program serves students who have already failed a course at their home school and students who wish to take courses to get ahead in their course of study.

How It Works
Our Credit Recovery Program uses an online curriculum called NovaNET.  NovaNET is a prescriptive curriculum, meaning that each student’s individual coursework is tailored to his or her learning needs.  In most classes, before every unit, a pretest is given to determine which skills the student has mastered, and which skills need improvement.  Students are then only assigned lessons based on what skills need improvement. This allows students to potentially move through a semester’s worth of work at a quicker pace than what is available at a traditional school.

We Are Flexible
Students who are a part of the Credit Recovery program may work at home at any time as long as they have a computer with online access.  Students may also use one of the four Phoenix Academy locations to complete coursework.  All computer lab locations are staffed with certified teachers contracted through Toledo Public Schools.  During the regular school year, teachers can assist students one-on-one and on-demand by phone or in person until 5 p.m. Monday – Thursday.  Summer hours are from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. Monday - Thursday. Phoenix labs have a clearly defined discipline code that ensures a safe and secure environment.   

All students must attend at a Phoenix Academy location to register and to take the final exam for the course.  Any photo ID is required for entry into the Phoenix Academy locations to work or to take an exam.  We do not require attendance for Credit Recovery courses, but encourage students to attend and work with a teacher if they are struggling with the curriculum or are off-task when at home.   Attendance is required for final course exams.

We Are Affordable
Phoenix Academy tuition is $100 per semester course for TPS students, and $125 per semester course for students outside of TPS.  If you are a TPS student, speak to your counselor to see if you qualify for scholarship or career tech options.

We Want You to Succeed

Coursework offered through Phoenix does have a deadline, which usually coincides with traditional semester endings.  Considering these deadlines and the work load of most students attending traditional school, we allow for students to sign up for no more than 2 semester courses per session to better ensure successful completion of the program.

We Offer Options:
The Phoenix Academy offers the following options for students who need to recover credits or students who wish to work ahead of their current grade level.  All courses are available as 1st or 2nd semester, unless denoted with an asterisk (*).  Please know the exact name and semester of the course you need to take BEFORE you come to registration. 

If you would like to see the number of activities in any particular course, click here. Click here for the Applied Math Syllabus.

Math Social Studies Science English  
Pre-Algebra American Government Anatomy/Physiology English I
Algebra 1 American Studies Biology English 2
Algebra 2  Geography  Chemistry  English 3
Geometry  World Studies  Physical Science  English 4
Pre-Calculus  Economics  Physics  
Applied Math      
Probability and Statistics    Health  

PLEASE NOTE:  The NCAA does not accept Phoenix Academy online coursework through the Credit Recovery Program for college eligibility.

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