What is the Phoenix Academy?
The Phoenix Academy is a Toledo Public Schools sponsored community school offering high school completion classes staffed by experienced, fully certified instructors.

Who attends the Phoenix Academy?
The Phoenix Academy is designed to ensure the success of every student. It is especially developed for 15 - 21 year-old students who wish to pursue a high school diploma in a non-traditional setting that offers flexible scheduling.

What sort of curriculum do you provide?
The Edgenuity curriculum is a comprehensive digital courseware system that delivers thousands of hours of standards-based, interactive curriculum, integrated assessment and student management and record keeping.

What does the Phoenix Academy offer?

  • Flexible school hours.
  • Tutorials, lessons and learning opportunities available 24/7.
  • A central location on TARTA bus lines - bus pass provided with regular attendance.
  • Study labs that provide a safe, orderly environment where students can get one-on-one assistance from certified teachers.
  • Teacher help by e-mail, phone and in person during school hours.

What can students do while attending the Phoenix Academy? 

  • Continue their education and still go to work.
  • Connect to state-of-the-art on-line support.
  • Develop their own individual academic plan.
  • Address individual academic goals and career objectives.
  • Learn in a supportive environment from fully certified teachers.
  • Receive a diploma from the Phoenix Academy
  • Choose a schedule to meet their needs.

How do I enroll in the Phoenix Academy?
Contact the Phoenix Academy at 419.720.4500 to find out the current registration schedule and make an appointment.

How much does the program cost?
There is no charge to attend Phoenix Academy as a full time student.

When does the school year start?
Due to the nature of our curriculum, students may enroll at almost any time throughout the school year. See our enrollment page for the most current dates and information. The Phoenix Academy school year follows the Toledo Public Schools calendar, which includes all vacation periods. School delays or cancellations of the Phoenix Academy due to weather also follow TPS's decision.

Enrollment is continuous the entire year round.

How can I contact my instructor?
You may contact your instructor by calling any Phoenix Academy lab.  See the Contact Us link for the directory.

Do I have to have a computer at home?
Although a home computer allows access to lessons, tutorials, and homework 24/7, Phoenix Academy is not an online school.  Study labs are available and classes are held Monday through Friday. Students who have a home computer with internet access may work on coursework on Edgenuity twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Is daily attendance required?
Yes. Although Phoenix Academy offers flexible scheduling to accommodate the student's home and work obligations, attendance is measured and is required pursuant to each student's individual academic plan.  All students are expected to be working online at least 30 hours per week.

When and where will my child take the standardized tests?
Ohio Graduation Tests will be administered at the Phoenix Academy during state mandated dates.  Testing always falls in October and March/April.

What are my child's high school diploma and graduation options?
The Phoenix Academy issues diplomas to those who qualify pursuant to its policies and academic requirements. Participation in the graduation ceremony and awarding of diplomas must be certified by the Phoenix Academy counselor. A Phoenix Academy diploma holds the same weight as a diploma from any TPS high school. It is based on twenty-one (21) units of credit.

Contact Us

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