About The Phoenix Academy

Who We Are
The Phoenix Academy is a free, public charter open to high school students in Northwest Ohio. Using an online curriculum called Edgenuity, Phoenix Academy is able to offer flexible scheduling, individually specific curriculum, and a variety of environments for our students. 

We Offer Total Flexibility
Flexible scheduling is possible because students receive instruction through the Edgenuity curriculum online. Students may work at one of our locations. Students are required to take final exams at a Phoenix Academy location.

We Offer Customized Coursework
Our program uses an online curriculum called Edgenuity. Edgenuity is an online curriculum that delivers the content of the course through lessons, video lectures, and presentations, allowing the student to engage in the material at their own pace. Students have constant access to eNotes within the curriculum and may use these notes on quizzes, tests, and exams. Students must master assignments at a 70% before moving on to the next lesson or topic, ensuring a passing grade upon completion of the course. The curriculum is available to anyone with online access at any time. Students also have access to instructors in person or by phone during Phoenix Academy hours. This allows students to potentially move through a semester’s worth of work at a quicker pace than what is available at a traditional school.

We Offer Dedicated Experts to Serve You
All computer lab locations are staffed with certified teachers contracted through Toledo Public Schools. Phoenix labs have a clearly defined discipline code that ensures a safe and secure environment. Bus cards are provided to students, based on frequent, regular attendance.  Students are expected to be online for 6 hours a day or 30 hours per week.

We Offer An Accredited State of Ohio DIploma
All Edgenuity coursework is aligned to the Ohio Core Academic Standards and students are required to complete the state mandated 21 credit hours and pass all state tests to graduate. Students who graduate from Phoenix receive a diploma from the state of Ohio. 

We Offer Options
Students choose Phoenix as an alternative to a traditional school for many reasons. Some students come to Phoenix because of family or work demands. Others are struggling academically or with bullying in their current schools. Many students are just in a hurry to graduate – and the Edgenuity curriculum provides an opportunity to move through coursework  more quickly than what a traditional school will allow. No matter what the reason for choosing Phoenix, we strive to accommodate every student and provide him or her with the individual attention he or she deserves.

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